Our catering menu offers meal options suited for any occasion, but we would be pleased to personalize any order!
We’d love to help make your casual luncheon or, for a real change of pace, talk to us about our Breakfast Omlete Station.

Call our catering specialist, Brenda, At (239) 592-1111!

Breakfast & Pastry Platters
All of our omelets are served with hash brown potatoes, toast and jelly

Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter | 23.99 Platter includes: 12 assorted Bagels: Plain, Everything & Cinnamon raisin w/ butter and cream cheese Pastry Platter | 39.95 Platter includes: 13 assorted Muffins, Danish, Scones & Turnovers Mini Pastry Tray Tray includes: Muffin, Danish, Scones & Turnovers
12” (approx. 24 pieces) | 29.95
16” (approx. 48 pieces) | 49.95
18” (approx. 68 pieces) | 69.95
Breakfast Sandwiches Tray | 6.50/person Includes: Sandwich assortment of Sausage, Bacon or Ham with egg on a croissant, bagel, or wrap Breakfast Platter | 45.95 Includes: 6 Breakfast sandwiches sliced in half & 4 sliced bagels w/cream cheese & butter Morning Breakfast Platter | 39.00 Includes: 6 assorted Pastries & Muffins, 4 sliced bagels w/butter, jellies & cream cheese

Morning Starter Combination Packages

Continental Breakfast Combo | 6.75/person Includes: Assorted muffins, bagels, pastries & croissants. Assorted jelly, butter, cream cheese, fresh fruit Rise & Shine Breakfast Combo | 8.99/person Includes: Sandwiches w/scrambled eggs, assorted cheeses, crispy bacon, sausage patty or sliced ham on mini croissant and fresh fruit bowl Breakfast Individual Quiche Combo | 8.75/person Includes: Miniature pastries, Hash brown potato crust, scrambled eggs & choice of filing (bacon, swiss, spinach, artichoke, ham, green peppers, onions, cheddar)
Full Hot Breakfast Buffet | 15.99/person Minimum 15 people | MUST order in advance
Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes assorted breads, fresh fruit bowl, miniature pastries. Coffee, OJ & condiments.

Lunch Packages
10 Person Minimum

Boxed Lunches & Boxed Salads | 10.49/person Boxed lunches include: sandwich, chips, pickle and cookie
Boxed Salad Include: choice of Garden, Chef, Cobb or Chicken Caesar
Add a soda or bottle of water for $1.25 each Office Lunch | 14.99/person Sandwiches: Assorted premium sandwiches
Choice of salad: Pasta, potato, garden, Caesar, fresh fruit
Dessert: Dessert tray with assortment of brownies, cookies and lemon squares
Sides: Chips and pickles Deluxe Lunch | 18.99/person Sandwiches: Assorted premium sandwiches & wraps
Choice of side: Pasta or potato salad
Choice of salad: Caesar, Chef or Cobb salad with dressing
Dessert: Dessert tray with assortment of brownies, cookies and lemon squares
Beverage: Iced Tea Hot Lunch Buffet Package | 18.95/person All the entree have a garden salad and a dessert tray.
Chicken parmesan with ziti
Teriyaki chicken on a bed of yellow rice
Vegetable lasagna with béchamel sauce
Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes, brown gravy with mushrooms
All Day Meeting Meal Service | 24.99/person Includes two deliveries - breakfast and lunch BREAKFAST: Continental or assorted breakfast sandwiches or quiche, with fresh fruit bowl and coffee and juice LUNCH: Sandwiches: Assorted premium sandwich platter
Choice of salad: Pasta, potato or garden
Dessert: Assorted tray
Beverages: Iced Tea, Lemonade or Sodas MID-MORNING OR AFTERNOON BREAK: Delivered with breakfast or lunch | add $3.00/person
Choice of: mixed chips or trail mix and a drink


Premium Sandwich Tray | 8.99/person Turkey Natural, Royal Palm Naples Cordon Bleu, Roast Beef Special, Special Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Sweet Caroline’s Chicken Salad, Tuna salad and more Includes chips and pickles Premium Sandwich Combo | 9.95/person Turkey Natural, Royal Palm Naples Cordon Bleu, Roast Beef Special, Special Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Sweet Caroline’s Chicken Salad, Tuna salad and more Choice of tossed Garden or Caesar salad w/dressing, chips and pickle
Sandwich Pinwheels Tray 12” Tray (approx. 30 pieces) | 28.95
16” Tray (approx. 50 pieces) | 42.95
18” Tray (approx. 80 pieces) | 59.95
Mini Croissant Sandwiches Fresh mini croissants sandwiches filled with tuna, chicken and egg salad, then cut in half (add meat for additional $8.00)
12 pieces | 24.95
20 pieces | 34.95
30 pieces | 49.95

Signature Sides & Salads

Sides Potato salad, coleslaw, or pasta salad
Individual Cup | 2.00
Small bowl | 20.00
Medium bowl | 35.99
Large bowl | 49.99 Fresh Fruit Salad Small bowl | 29.99
Medium bowl | 49.99
Large bowl | 64.99
Salads Garden, Cobb, Chef, Chicken Caesar
Small bowl | 19.99
Medium bowl | 39.99
Large bowl | 49.99 Homemade Soup Cup | 3.50
Bowl | 4.75
Serves up to 4 | 10.00

Party Trays & Beverages
TRAY SIZES 12”/ 16”/ 18”

Fresh Fruit Tray w/Dip $38.95/ $59.95/ $75.95 Fresh VegetableTray w/Dip $34.95/ $49.95/ $64.95 Deviled Eggs $26.95/ $36.95/ $48.95 Spinach Dip w/Bread Bowl $39.99 (16” only) Cheese & Crackers $34.95/ $46.95/ $65.95 Fruit & Cheese $44.95/ $64.95/ $79.95 (less fruit than above) Roasted Red Pepper Hummus $28.95/ $39.95/ $49.95 (vegetables/pita bread)
Mini Croissant Sandwiches $24.95/ $34.95/ $49.95 Homemade Breads & Croissants $22.99/ $32.95/ $43.95 Meat & Cheese Trays $48.99/ $78.99/ $89.99 Trays come with an assortment of Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, American, Swiss & Cheddar Cheese

Beverage Totes | 14.99 Coffee: Regular or Decaf
Iced Tea/Sweet Tea (freshly brewed) Orange Juice Totes | 19.99
Individual Beverages Soda | 1.25
OJ, Apple & Cranberry | 2.00
Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Sparkling Ice | 2.00


Fruit & Dessert Platter | 49.99 Tray includes: Small Bowl of fruit salad, 7 assorted cookies & 7 brownies or lemon bars
Assorted Desserts | 2.50 each Cookies, lemon squares &/or cupcakes .Desired amount arranged on a tray.